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Michael Violante and Paul Rochford have a combined design experience of thirty eight years.  Michael has lived in Santa Fe for twenty one years and Paul is a native born Santa Fean.    It has always been the goal of Violante & Rochford Interiors to provide clients with extensive expertise but also to listen and learn from their clients on how they see their living environments. 

 "We want to help create a home that is unique to the individual.  Not having a formula for any one project - each is a one of a kind place - specific to the tastes and needs of the people we often have the good fortune to not only call clients - but good friends."


Pricing - Providing value on many levels....

When you choose Violante & Rochford Interiors to design your home or office, you understand the knowledge, experience and service we bring to work for you.  Most people are surprised to discover that our design services provide them an ECONOMIC VALUE as well.

In dealing directly with the retailer, materials are typically marked up anywhere from 200 - 400% over cost - whether you are purchasing fabrics, flooring, or furniture.  Even if the retailer provides a discount, they are still doing very well.

As some of New Mexico's best known designer's - the 'cost plus' pricing that Violante & Rochford are able to offer SAVES OUR CLIENTS MONEY.  Even after factoring in our hourly design fees, most clients find that they SAVE AT LEAST 12 TO 35% off retail.

We'll be glad to show you how you can afford our great design services while saving money too!



Experience heartfelt service that will exceed your expectations.  We specialize in residential, commercial, hospitality and offer continued service, room by room or whole house.



 St. Louis MO, and Santa Fe, NM -  "Our home looks amazing - we love everything you have helped us select!  Early on, our builder gave us 4 or 5 designers to consider since we asked for design help.  Looking at the web pages made it a no brainer to select V&R for our tastes.  Little did we know , you were the two best people in Santa Fe to do anything 

Washington DC - "Absolutely love, love, LOVE the way everything looks! Thank you so very much! Can't wait to get back. Miss you all."  

Westport, CT - "I am so excited at the prospect of seeing you & Paul: to catching up on a personal level, reveling as I always do in the pleasure of your company and also to working on our projects. It's truly time for a refreshment of the Westport house, and it will be fun to do Hilary's apartment. I was thinking....you've done all these projects for us: Telluride, NYC office, NYC apartment, CT home...WOW!"   

Houston TX - "All of you have done a magnificent job of making this a wonderful experience and a beautiful home for us. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!"  

Washington DC - "You are the best. I cannot tell you how appreciative we are. XXX"   

Washington DC  - "We have arrived! The house is stunning. The dining room table is beyond our wildest dreams. Absolutely what I had in mind & more."  

New York  NY - "Your website is beautiful and the work is gorgeous. It has the right balance of classic modernism and decorative warmth to make it very inviting and comfortable."

Taos, NM - "We are so concious of how we love being in our home that much more becuase of your input into it. In addition, knowing you personally adds richness to our lives we deeply treasure. Thank you for your expertise  and combined talents from which we benefit on a daily basis."

Santa Fe, NM -" I am SO excited about all the new choices...tiles, carved pieces and table. You are helping us make our house into a treasured home. I love working with you and the ease of everything we do. "

Placitas, NM - "The six upholstered chairs just arrived and all are gorgeous.  The swivels are perfect for switching views in the bedroom and living room.  And the wing chairs are just stunning.  I love all the fabrics, and can't wait for you to see them in person.  And all are very comfortable - I'm so appreciative that you chose pieces that not only look great, but are so easy to live in."

Albequerque, NM - "You and Michael made our afternoon yesterday such a delight ! You two approach your work so intelligently, creatively and thoughtfully--a tough combination to achieve in any field. It is evident that you work to guide your clients to the best choices given all constarints. Well done.

 Santa Fe, NM - "Enjoying the evening in my fantastic sitting room that you created for me ! I have to say this is THE most comfortable sofa I have ever owned and now the coffe table is in place I can finally relax with my feet up. Thank you so much for making and impossible room wonderful ! "